Hot Air Balloon Safari at Tarangire National Park

Tanzania's Most Lovely And Topographically Varied Protected Areas

Duration : 6 Hours

Hot Air Balloon safari at Tarangire cost U.S. $ 410:00 per head, adult/child same price. (Minimum 2 Persons Required. For added comfort Maximum 8 Passengers for 12 sitter A-250 Balloon and Maximum 6 Passengers for 8 Sitter N-180 Balloon)

Balloon flights reporting time at Launching Site is 06h00 and take off is at 06h15. Passengers arrive in time to watch the balloon inflation as the pilots torch the colored fabric to life. The flight is for approximately 1 hour, each one different path and following the days prevailing winds. A Balloon flight allows passengers to float over the world’s most spectacular Tarangire National Park, where you will find two of the `Giants of African Wilderness’: the Elephants and the Baobab Trees. On landing, the balloon crew set up a full champagne breakfast complete with “Bloody Marys”. Each passenger then receives a certificate from their pilot as a special memoir of their flight. A game drive (provided by our vehicle) en route from/to the lodge or the main gate ends a special morning.

Pick up/drop off provided by Africa balloon Safari: Chem Chem, Elephant Lodge, Kirurumu-Tarangire, Tarangire River Camp, Lake Burunge Lodge, Maromboi tented Lodge, Minjingu Village and Paradise Camp Site. Transfer rates may apply depending on where you will be spending the night (Your Preferred Lodge)

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