Isimila Stone Age Site

Isimila Stone Age Site is a prehistoric settlement and geographical site that comprise an archaeological trove and natural pillars located almost 22 kms southeast of Iringa town. It provides the discovery of stone age tools believed to exist from 60,000 to 300,000 years BC. The tools consist of thousands of hand axes including enigmatic giant hand axes, spears and slingshot that were used for hunting. The second canyon has incredible pillars. In addition to the tools, the bones of various animals were found such as an extinct type of hippo, pigs and short necked giraffe and elephants were found, giving us an idea to what this area looked like to our ancestors. There used to be a lake here in the past that naturally brought animals to come and drink water. This was also the perfect location for the home erectus who came here to hunt. The stone age is the period when men started making tools such as knives and hammer stones to hunt, eat and build other tools.
There is evidence the homo erectus in the area hunted in groups, had musical tools and that they buried their dead as you can see in the rock painting found at northern Iringa at Igekele rock art.
Isimila is believed to have been inhabited by human beings from 300,000 to 400,000 years ago

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