Lake Eyasi

Lake Eyasi is located in the tourism district of Karatu, 155 kms southeest of Arusha region, north of Tanzania. It is the largest body of water in Arusha region on the floor of the Great Rift Valley, at the base of the Serengeti plateau, south of the Serengeti national park and immediately southwest of the Ngorongoro Crater in the Crater highlands and west of Lake Manyara. At an elevation of 3,400 feet the lake covers an area of 1,050 square kilometres. It occupies the bottom of a bow like depression in a region of volcanic activity. The walls of the lake are purple lava enclosing a broad expanse of white alkaline shallows with some fresh water at depths below 10 metres. With no outlet, it’s main inlet is the Sibiti river on the southwest. The lake drains an area of 65,500 square kilometres.
What to see
Greater and lesser flamingos are habit the lake in vast flocks
The Hadzabe tribe
The Hadzabe Tribe is a smallest Tribe which are found in Northern-Central of Tanzania in Arusha-Manyara Regions,in Southwest of Ngorongoro Crater along the Vicinities of Lake Eyasi. The Hadzabe Tribe, is one of an Oldest Tribe in Tanzania, in which they are living as hunters-gatherers as their ancestors did thousands of years ago. It is said their population is about 900-1000 people. Originally they are not known where they came from, some believe that maybe they moved from the Kalahari Desert, South Africa as they are also the Bushmen/Khoisan people there in Kalahari Desert because both tribes have the same life style as they live in groups of people of 20-50-60 people in a group, they both speak the Click language, although the meaning of their click language might be different but the dialect is the same. The Hadza/Hadzabe Tribe language is called Hadzane and is mostly an oral and not the written one because when you try to write the words the way they pronounce them, the words will not sound the same as the way they are pronounced, They are a typical Nomadic hunters-gatherers Tribe, as they always look to where animals are and good shelter. They also move from one place to another to avoid crowds of people from other Tribes. In This Tribe men are Hunters and Women are gatherers/collectors and they hunt different animals by using their hands make bows and arrows. Animals which they usually hunt are found around near their habitats or a bit far off. And the animals they usually hunt are like Baboons, monkeys, dik diks, bush pigs, kudus, impalas, Genets, Jackals, foxes and honeybudger. They also hunt the small animals like Bush babies, Mongooses, elephant shrews, squirrels, and hyraxes. Through their different types of arrows they also have one type of an arrow which they use for birds, it’s an arrow which has corn knob or an arrow with knob on the top. They have another kind of arrow with poison for big games like kudus, impalas, zebras etc. The Hadzabe tribe is neither Pastoralists nor farmers, as they depend on hunting animals only for food, and not trophies.

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