Ngozi Crater Lake-5 DAYS/4 NIGHTS

The Ngozi Crater Lake is located in the east of Mporoto Ridge Forest Reserve. The forest reserve has an area of about 9332 hectares, and is located at 8’58-9’05 and 33’26-33’36’E with altitudes ranging from 1750-2620 m. The crater is roughly 15 km southeast of the city of Mbeya. It is accessible by a dirt road in the dry season; in the wet it can be difficult. The lake is reached by a one hour hike through the forest. This stunning lake is located in a caldera, which is 2.5 km long and 1.6 km wide. The crater dates from some time in the Neogene period. The water is slightly brackish, contains some fish, and is up to 75 m deep.

The lake has spiritual significance for the local inhabitants. The slopes of the crater wall are covered by Upper Montane Forest, grassland and bamboo. Other attractions you shall get to explore in this hiking tour are Kiwira natural bridge nicknamed the “Bridge of God” (Daraja la Mungu) in Swahili language which was naturally formed without any human engineering.

The bridge was formed by powers of a fast flowing river down along the rocky valley creating a hole through a hard surface hence leaving behind a rocky span that cuts across two sides of the river in the shape that exactly looks like a single lane bridge, big and strong enough to allow to allow more than a hundred tons of heavy load across. Local people call this miracle “Daraja La Mungu” for its providential existence and for the traditional beliefs attached to it. You shall also get to see Kijungu Waterfalls not more than ten meters from this bridge.


Ngozi Crater Lake-5 Days/4 Nights Itinerary


Please take note that U.D.Z. 002 indicates the number of nights you will spend at Udzungwa Mountains National Park.

8:00 am – Fly from Dar to Mbeya. Pick up from Songwe airport and transfer to Utengule Coffee lodge located in the outskirts of Mbeya in Mbalizi town, near coffee plantations

1:00 pm – Lunch

2:00 pm – Relax and enjoy your day with panoramic views of the coffee plantation area. Day at leisure

7:30 pm – Dinner and overnight at Utengule Coffee Lodge

a Mountain

7:00 am – Breakfast

8:00 am – Go explore Kiwira natural bridge nicknamed the Bridge of God which is just outside of Tukuyu town, South of Mbeya. This is a natural lava bridge across a river big enough to have six persons standing on it. The river was named “Kibila”, “Kibira” and “Kiwira”. Today it is called Kiwira, situated near the southern border to Malawi. Then you shall see Kijungu Waterfalls. Kijungu Falls is an attractive natural wonder where the entire river flows into a pot-like hollow before flowing down the rocks and take its natural course. Locals believe that at Kijungu Falls and the Natural Bridge there is a dragon that keeps guard of treasures hidden in the river bed therefore they usually mysteriously make someone fall into the river as sacrifice. Kijungu acquired its name due to the pot like shape of the base where the water falls making a whirlpool and taking a course that takes seven days for the water to return to a nearby spot and continue with its journey downstream.

7:30 pm – Dinner and overnight at Utengule Coffee Lodge

7:00 am – Breakfast 8:00 am – Depart for a full-day hiking tour of Ngozi Crater Lake. This is a site of outstanding natural beauty and a superb hiking location. A green shimmering lake walled by the collapsed caldera of the extinct Ngozi Volcano. You shall have your bush lunch along the scenery adventurous hiking trail. 7:30 pm – Dinner and overnight at Utengule Coffee Lodge
7:00 am – Breakfast 8:00 am – Go for coffee tour around nearby coffee plantations and learn how the plant is harvested and all the procedure leading to a finished product ready for consumption 7:30 pm – Dinner and overnight at Utengule Coffee Lodge
7:00 am – Breakfast 8:00 am – Transfer to Songwe airport to catch your flight back to Dar
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