Rubondo Island

The only national park on Lake Victoria. It stretches over 457.8 square kilometers (178.7 sq miles) of which 240 sq.kms is land and remain 217.8 sq.kms is water. Located Northwest Tanzania about 150-sq. km (95 miles) west of Mwanza the park consists mostly of dense lowland dry forest, but in the southern part are open grasslands. Towards the coastline the topography varies between sandy beaches and papyrus swamps. A visit to Rubondo Island National Park offers visitors a break from game viewing in the tranquil peace of a lake shore setting. Exploring the islands within the park creates an excitement for day trips. Fishing expeditions into Lake Victoria are easily arranged through the major lodges. Rubondo Island National Park is a relaxation from the rigorous safari circuit and a relaxing place from which to explore Lake Victoria.

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