Utalii Campaign

This is a Domestic Tourism initiative brand, created to inspire and motivate residents to visit National Parks and tourist attractions. Utalii Campaign is designed to overcome all barriers hindering residents from enjoying domestic tourism mainly the cost barrier. Wildlife accommodation, taxes and other factors have resulted to tour packages costing a lot higher, rendering the majority of residents not able to afford. Utalii Campaign is penetrating all venues to alleviate this hindrance bringing forth a viable solution making packages cost a lot cheaper giving room to residents to enjoy Domestic Tourism and wildlife lodging at an affordable price. Rates offered within Utalii Campaign are special rates that can’t be enjoyed outside Utalii Campaign. Utalii Campaign rates are designed to cater for a group starting from 20 pax and more traveling from Dar-Es-Salaam. Another barrier conquered is logistics and Utalii Campaign, through its partners (Utalii Campaign partners) ensures in place all logistics needed for a tour to depart. Once a package Itinerary is purchased all logistics involved from start to finish are set for the tour to depart


Utalii campaign is divided into 2 categories namely Utalii Campaign Corporate and Utalii Campaign Set Date Departures. Utalii Campaign Corporate is Domestic Tourism promotion at corporate level, aimed at getting residents through corporate institutions to visit National Parks and tourist attractions. Utalii Campaign Set Date Departures is aimed at getting individual residents to visit National Parks and tourist attractions on selected dates these tours depart.

This is a group tour designed for the purposes of revamping, bonding and getting together as a group/corporate institution, out of the commotion of city life at a designated location, mainly a national park or any other selected or chosen tourist attraction. Most institutions go to usual venues and perform the usual common activities for their team building events every year. This has become too common and no longer as interesting as it should be. We have compiled up activities that could really spice up your team building activities and make your event achieve that “wow” factor expected in these events. Activities range from swimming on waterfalls, natural pools, football in the wild/bush, hiking on mountainous trails, barbecue with music and much more.

We can have all these activities arranged and conducted for you in the national parks as your event is combined with game viewing

Next time you think of Team Building Activities think of us for an unforgettable adventurous team building experience.

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